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Welcome to Gender Revolution UK, a website dedicated to the normalisation of transgender in Western Society through the power of Education

This website exists to promote the concept that since the late 20th Century, Western Society has been undergoing a full blown Gender Revolution.  The information contained within the website is based on a variety of books and research papers on human gender and sexuality, focusing on transgender, all referenced here: Research and Press and here: References.  

It's purpose is threefold:

  1. to promote newspaper and social media articles, and academic research, that show advances in the understanding of human Gender Ideology, and the progress of the Gender Revolution  
  2. to assist transgender people to come out of the closet and express their preferred gender to family, friends and the wider world
  3. to encourage transgender people to do their bit to promote the normalisation of transgender within Western society


A little bit of background......

For many centuries a binary-gendered system has dominated Western Society, with only two accepted gender categories, defined by the words “man” and “woman”, “boy” and “girl”.  The reasoning for this - if there ever was any - is lost in the midst of time, but obviously religious and political doctrine have over many centuries reinforced its dominance.

This has been to the detriment of those people whose natural gender identity does not easily fit into a binary gender system.  Historically these people have had two choices, either to hide their preferred gender from society and suffer the psychological damage associated with the stress of pretending to be someone they are not, or to present their preferred gender and accept the ridicule, mental and physical abuse, victimisation and ostracization.

But other cultures, historically and contemporarily, have recognised the limitations and negativity of this binary system, and accepted multi-gendered systems, for example the Hijra of India, Kathoey of Thailand, Fa’afafine of Somoa, Chuckchi of Siberia, Waria of Indonesia, Ankole of Uganda, Sakalavas of Madagascar and the Two-Spirit Native American Indians.

Katheoy of Thailand

Two Spirit American Indian

Fa'afafine of Somoa


It has only been during the latter half of the twentieth century that scientific knowledge and analysis has broken the mould of the binary gender system and loosened its grip on our Western Culture.

We now accept that the gender system is a spectrum with binary genders "man" and "woman" occupying either end, and in between are other non-binary gender categories that are equally as valid; and the umbrella term for people whose gender identity and presentation does not fit comfortably within the arbitrary cultural rules of the binary system is Transgender.

This mould has been broken by our scientists and doctors; institutions like the World Health Organisation and the American Psychological Association now formally recognise gender as a behavioural role.  But the education of ordinary people in Western Society is still limited to an informed few, and most remain ill-informed.

In the last few years the topics of gender identity and gender expression, summarised by the word Transgender, have surfaced from beneath our cultural radar and are now the prominent focus of our politicians, industry, media, and our educational institutions.  The beginning of the 21st Century is witnessing  a massive shift in our understanding of gender and our society is now experiencing - and only history will be the final arbiter - a full blown:

Gender Revolution