Educator and Speaker

Gender Revolution UK was founded by Julie Miller, Transgender Educator and Speaker.

Julie practices transgender education and speaking as her small contribution to educating the wider public on what is transgender and why it should be accepted as a normal strand of British culture, see details below.

Julie Miller Transgender Speaker and Educator

Julie is available for bookings at schools, colleges, universities, places of work to deliver presentations on a variety of transgender topics. She customises her presentations to suit the audience and theme of the day.

Please contact her to discuss your requirements

Julie is a former Army Officer who has endured the Transgender experience for almost half a century and uses her presentational skills and unique style to explain Transgender. Julie is not a transgender professional, for example doctor, counsellor or psychotherapist, but is an accomplished speaker having honed her skills in her training as a British Army commander.  She specializes in converting transgender theory published in scientific papers and other references, into light-hearted and entertaining lectures, designed to educate and captivate the audience in a memorable learning experience.

For a list of the types of presentations that Julie gives, see here






An excerpt from a presentation given to Chichester College discussing the gender spectrum and transgender science

Speech in Bournemouth Town Square during a protest against Trump's transgender erasure proposals.

Speech entitled "My Big Decision" at Toastmasters International.